giovedì 1 settembre 2011

NICHOLAS RAY BLOG-A-THON at Cinema Viewfinder

Mi dispiace di essermi accorto di questa Blogathon un po' in ritardo, comunque Nick Ray è assolutamente un terrestre degno di omaggio e dunque... partecipate!!
by Tony Dayoub

I'd like to invite anyone and everyone to participate in my third annual Labor Day blogathon, running September 5 - 8. In years past many contributors have made this annual tradition a resounding success, first in 2009 when we celebrated the work of Brian De Palma and last year when we praised David Cronenberg. This year's featured director, Nicholas Ray, would have celebrated his centennial today. First recognized by the auteurists who launched the French New Wave, Ray's body of work is one of the most influential in all of cinema.

In previous Blogathons, I've asked for permission to publish new articles here. But after being overwhelmed with submissions last year, I've decided to do things a little differently. In the interest of running things a little more smoothly, I'll post any links to new or previously published posts on Ray. Send your contributions here, please. I am happy to accept entries from anyone.

Of course, I don't have e-mails for every film writer or blogger. So I'm asking for aid in getting the word out. Even if you choose not to submit a piece, I request that you please help me promote this event at your own respective sites or on Twitter and Facebook.

At top and below are JPEGs to help you market this. If you post one of these JPEGs or contribute a new piece to the Blogathon, please link either of them to this post.

I hope all of you participate in some way.

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